I was born in Puglia, South Italy, in 1982. The first thing I painted in my life was my dog. I was five. It was funny to see him running around the room painted in green and blue stripes.

Maybe it is a clichè but I remember myself always carrying a pencil in my hand and drawing.

I studied 2d animation at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Turin, mastering pre-production and concept art. Since 2009 I work as a Background Artist.

Some of the projects I have been related to are Kérity la maison des contes, Pinocchio (Enzo d’Alò), Unicorn Blood and Psiconautas The Forgotten Children (Alberto Vázquez) and Ethel and Ernest (Raymond Brigs).

After a residence at La Maison des Auters in Angoulême (France), I realised I needed to explore another artistic languages. Since then I have made illustration, textile and, more recently, ceramics which has become my new passion.

People often tell me that I have a naive and surrealistic way of seeing life. I agree but I like most to use the term Tender Terrible to define my personal work, which goes by the sign Pelo di Cane.

In Septembre of 2019 I showed my first short film at Cineteca Matadero de Madrid. Its name is Season and hopefully it would be touring around in 2020. 😊

Since 2011 I live in Galicia, in A Coruña, where I keep on working and learning.



2019 : “MIIC” Collective Exhibition about contemporary Illustration; Santiago de Compostela, Spain

2018: “Mimar” Exhibition and presentation of Fanzine self published, A Coruña, Spain

2017: “Mazzate” Festival of Illustration BilBOLbul;  Bologna, Italy

2017: “Días de musgo y Rosas”  A Coruña, Spain

2016 : “Decidete : o sì o yo.” Square, A Coruña, Spain

2015: “Pumes” Belmont , A Coruña, Spain

2011: Collective Exhibition “Archipel: L’exposition des auteurs en résidence de La Maison des Auteurs” en algún sitio vieras con punto y Angouleme, France

Giovanna Lopalco

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